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Dr. Alrabiah Honors Al-Amal Complex for Receiving Third Place in the Health Performance Program

Dec 28, 2017, 2:20:45 PM GMT+3 Government Agencies News Health News


Minister of Health, Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah, honored Al-Amal Complex for Mental Health in Riyadh after receiving the third place out of 70 hospitals in the Kingdom competed in the "Performance of Health" program. The program included more than 563 improvement projects that were completed.

The Complex participated with their improvement project “Hope Dashboard.” Al-Amal Complex is the only psychiatric hospital among the winners of this program.

The Director of the e-Health, Hisham Al-Drees, explained that Al-Amal Complex achieved this place due to its success in following up with more than 60 indicators out of 75. It had a positive impact on a large number of performance indicators in most of the Complex sections including "Emergency, Outpatient Clinics, Labs and Hypnosis Sections.”

The Executive Director of the Hope Complex for Mental Health in Riyadh, Dr. Mohammed bin Mash'uf Al-Qahtani, expressed his thanks and appreciation to the Minister of Health for this honor, and he promised to seek further development and improvement in the performance and the level of service for the patients.

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