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The Kingdom ranks 33rd among 139 countries in information technology and communication

Jul 14, 2016, 8:05:21 AM GMT+3 IT News e-Government Initiatives News e-Government Projects News Economics News

Riyadh, SPA:
The Kingdom technically advanced to the rank 33rd among 139 countries classified by the World Economic Forum as the top progressive states in the field of information technology and communication.
The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology said in a statement today that according to the annual report of the World Economic Forum , the Kingdom has advanced two ranks in the 12 months to reach the 33rd rank among 139 countries in terms of readiness to contain diverse networks of information technology.
The Kingdom came in the eighth place globally in terms of the efficiency of the use of information technology and communication by government and official bodies in the implementation of their works, and the extent to improve the quality of government services for the population in the information technology field, and in ninth place globally in terms of the extent of the government's success in promoting the use of information technology and communication .
The Kingdom also ranked 15th in terms of broadband subscriptions in the Internet for mobile computers per 100 inhabitants, ranked 17th in the production of electricity (kilowatt / hour / per capita), and ranked 18th in the index of the quality of services being provided by the government in the field of Internet. This index deals with assessing the implementation of the government for Internet services projects .

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