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MOF announces closure of (07-2018) issuance under Saudi Arabian Government SAR-Denominated Sukuk Program

Sep 3, 2018, 12:02:05 PM GMT+3 Sustainable Development News Government Agencies News Economics News

Riyadh, SPA:

The Ministry of Finance announces that it has completed a tap issuance of the (07-2018) issuance under the Saudi Arabian Government SAR-denominated Sukuk Program. The tap issuance size was set at SAR 4.000 Billion. This brings the total amount of the (07-2018) issuance to SAR 7.465 Billion.

The Sukuk issued were divided into three tranches as follows:

  • The first tranche has a size of SAR 2.250 billion and matures in 2023.
  • The second tranche has a size of SAR 0.500 billion and matures in 2025.
  • The third tranche has a size of SAR 1.250 billion and matures in 2028.

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