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Tokyo TV Station Shows First Saudi Animation Production in Japanese Media

May 21, 2018, 10:08:49 AM GMT+3 General News

Riyadh - SPA

For the first time in the Japanese media, the famous Tokyo TV station presented today an animation titled "Woodcutter's Treasure" produced by the Saudi Manga Productions Company, which is an affiliated company of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman “Misk” Foundation, in collaboration with Japanese animation company Toei Animation.
This 22-minute animation is the first animated product between Saudi Arabia and Japan which is scheduled to be broadcasted on Sunday, May 20.
The Woodcutter's Treasure is a heritage story from the Arabian Peninsula.
For his part, Manga Productions CEO Dr. Essam Bukhari said that the company seeks to deliver the Saudi culture to the world through a creative production attracting the young generations in collaboration with the major global production houses.
Manga Productions focuses on producing animations and developing video games with creative and positive content targeting all different local and international groups of society.
It also seeks to launch several animation and video game projects to promote Saudi ideas and messages internationally through unique and professional productions.

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