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    The e-Government Center is designed to the highest technical and security specifications. It is responsible for conducting intermediate operations and all common e-applications, to facilitate the integration and transmission of data between government agencies and help streamline e-government service delivery. The Center is one of the projects under the supervision of the e-Government Program YESSER.  It is one of the most important projects on which the program depends, functioning as the node to which the computer centers of various government agencies will gradually be linked, in accordance with the operational plan.


Yesser Data Center


    This is a project to integrate customer services and billing country-wide. Safa integrates the quantity of each customer’s consumption with the customer database. An Oracle product (CC&B Customer Care & Billing) has been selected for use, as it is designed to enhance all customer-related business processes.The project will be unrolled in stages starting with Medina, then spreading to other regions of the Kingdom.

      Noor allows Saudi schools within the kingdom and abroad to conduct the electronic processing and auditing of grades of students. The purpose of the  project is to establish a comprehensive IT system for the educational process, based on the latest development in education management systems. 
   Noor covers all schools under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education. The system will provide a number of e-services to students, parents, principals  and decision makers and it generates reports and information on demand.


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  In accordance with the YESSER e-Government Program’s executive work plan, a communications network for e-Government transactions needed to be established. This network was envisioned as interconnecting government agencies with the e-Government Data Center, which has been set up according to the highest international technical and security standards, as host for the National e-Government Saudi Portal and the YESSER e-Government Program. This network enables the e-Government Data Center to be the effective, cost-saving unifying link for interconnecting all government agencies.


Government Secure Network


     This budget will cover the cost of e-services provided by government agencies through their projects. Allocations for financing projects will be made in accordance with a well-defined but flexible financing mechanism. This mechanism will be administered by a joint technical committee composed of representatives from the government agency in question, the YESSER e-government program and the Ministry of Finance’s General Budget Department (MOF- GBD).


    A website of the Quran, including interpretations and explanations by various clerics, available in seven languages, serves as a simulation of a hard copy of the Quran. Additionally, translations of the meanings of Quranic texts are available in more than twenty written languages with audio translation in three languages. Recitals by famous Quranic readers are also available. Verses can be played with ease to children and the blind.


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