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National Plans and Initiatives

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      The Cabinet approved the 9th Development Plan, for the Period 2010-2014, with an overall budget amounting to SR 1.4 Trillion. The plan has been executed at an important juncture in the Kingdom's development, notably after the significant achievements achieved across the board since the start of the 5-year plans just over 4 years ago. The 9th 5-year plan has required accelerating the march of development to keep up with the enormous changes to development and growth all over the world. The 9th Plan will continue the developmental approach followed by the Kingdom, which blends Government activity, direct planning and individual initiatives adopted by the private sector within its tracks and future vision, as specified by the Kingdom’s long-term strategic planning.

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    The National Strategy for Sustaining Biodiversity in Saudi Arabia is envisioned as contain everything required for the sustainable use

of the Kingdom’s resources, natural and mineral, in conformity with its National Planning process. This first requires the collection of all

relevant information, its organization and finally suggestions for its practical application.


  The strategy derives its importance from the real need to make daily decisions that may affect the environment on individual, national and

international levels. It makes use of information necessary in making the correct decisions and also represents a valuable contribution towards

the Biodiversity Convention recently approved by the Kingdom.


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    The National Strategy for Industry is envisioned as raising the contribution of the industrial sector to a minimum 20% of the Gross National

Product by 1441H. This will require a three-fold multiplication of the country’s industrial base, in addition to activating the role of the industrial

sector in achieving the optimal future status of industry in the Kingdom.

  The result will be Saudi industries that are globally competitive, based on innovation and the transformation of national resources into 

sustainable wealth.

  Additionally, investing national resources in taking every available opportunity to urge industry development and increase the spread of

technology, will create more opportunity on a national level and establish strong and effective national and international partnerships.


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    The Ministry of Labor has prepared an employment strategy as a frame of reference for dealing with the issues of manpower and employment in the Kingdom. Pursuant to integral and scientific principles and the clear vision of achieving targeted objectives in the coming 25 years, the strategy is divided into 3 phases; short, middle and long-term. With an ambitious vision to make use of the appropriate employment opportunities, the strategy hopes eventually to provide employment for all citizens and to lend competitive advantage to the national economy.

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    Targeting maximum performance within the limits of available resources, the strategy provides for the development of a national vision, the creation of

work plans and the assignment of resources to boost physical education at schools.

  The strategy seeks to increase awareness of physical education and sports in schools and to expand the physical activities of students and of the 

community in general, to promote better health and to spotlight physical education and sports. Goals include greater participation in contests and the

achieving of outstanding sporting results at regional and international levels. The skills of physical training teachers and managers will also be improved. 

  The integration of sports in the educational program is not only a means of physical improvement, it also helps participants develop cooperative and 

leadership skills through group and individual games. It will also encourage the development of sporting infrastructure both inside and outside schools

and ensure the availability of appropriate sports facilities.

  The National School Physical Education and Sports Plan will be integrated with the National Health Plan and the National Sports Plan. Partnership with

private sector will be boosted to better support the development of physical education and sports at school.


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    The National Policy for Sciences and Technology has set out the guidelines for future trends in science, technology and innovation in the Kingdom

of Saudi Arabia. The guidelines can be regarded as a frame of reference to ensure the continuation of relevant development efforts and to reinforce

performance in reaching the Kingdom’s specified long-term objectives. Trends and objectives should comply with the trends and objectives of National

Development Plans and policies relating to other sectors in the Kingdom.

  Policy should be derived from a series of principles that regulate economic and social activities and should depend on Islamic values and principles

that encourage learning and hard work.

  Additionally, the policy should rely on the original Islamic and Arab culture. The main objectives of this policy lie in achieving more comprehensive

scientific and technological development that will sustain national security and natural resources. Coming within comprehensive sustainable development,

it will elevate the citizens’ level of living, ensuring a better future for coming generations.

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        The Long-Term Strategy 2025 (LTS 2025) marked the culmination of an extensive process of consultation, analysis and thinking. In effect, the work on this strategy began with the royal decree of 7/3/1419 (July 2, 1998) that gave the Ministry of Economy and Planning the responsibility of organizing a national symposium entitled the Future Vision for the Saudi Economy.

   It was expected that this symposium would review the past performance of the Saudi economy and develop strategic options for dealing with current and future challenges facing the Saudi economy.

  This, in turn, was to provide the foundation for designing a long-term strategy to achieve the future vision for the Saudi Economy.  The symposium, held in Riyadh between October 19-23, 2002 fulfilled all expectations.

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    The Kingdom’s Health Care Strategy has been launched with the definite goal of achieving the set of objectives for achieving an overall rise in health levels, by providing comprehensive, integral, balanced and affordable healthcare for the whole population. The role of the Ministry of Health is to act as supervisor, monitoring performance, while the private sector will be engaged in elevating the efficiency of medical and ambulance services.

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