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Employment in the Kingdom

In 2016/2017
Target in 2020
Unemployment rate for Saudis
Ratio of female labor force


Saudi Arabia aims to optimally invest in its citizens of both genders to produce national personnel capable of leading the nation to limitless ambition, growth, prosperity and sustainable welfare of society. In this respect various sectors work together to provide job opportunities for both genders in both private and public sectors in addition to support individual businesses and productive families.

Recruitment in the Government Sector:


Ministry of Civil Service supervises the process of recruitment in the Government Sector. It publishes positions that are available in each sector. Job applications can be filed online using “Jadara” public sector labor system. “Jadara” system provides for review of jobs announced by agencies of the  government sector and facilitates online application for jobs. Login to “Jadara” system:


Recruitment in the Private Sector:

The Ministry of Labour is concerned with providing a range of combinational services between employers and job seekers. The Saudi labour system sponsors the relationship between these two parties from the beginning of the contract to its termination to ensure the continuation of the common interest and accordingly the achievement of the goals of both parties as well as the reduction of unemployment rate in the Kingdom. The Ministry developed a recruitment strategy as a reference framework to tackle manpower and recruitment issues in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, it provides several e-services and application:


Nitaqat: (Nitaqat) program is a criterion to motivate enterprises to localize (Saudize) jobs. The program’s fundamental idea is based upon the classification of entities into four ranges (Nitaqat) according to their respective job localization (Saudization) proportion. The Ministry provides benefits that vary according to the degree of localization (Saudization).


Taqat: The e-recruitment website for Saudi citizens job seekers. It is a platform through which those who are registered with (Hafiz) program can submit their CVs to private sector prospective employers. Jobseekers may review details of jobs offered by private sector prospective employers and apply online. Login to Taqat:



Helping job seekers into work:

The national program for supporting of job seekers (Hafiz) : is the first package of incentives and regulations ordered by The Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques  late King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz to support job seekers and enhance their placement chances to ensure they enjoy decent life and contribute to the building of the nation. For more details on Hafiz program, click here.



Wages Protection System (WPS): aims to monitor the processes of wages disbursement for all male and female-laborers in the private sector facilities (whether Saudis or expatriates) so as to establish a database to determine the extent of the facilities’ commitment to pay wages in time and at the agreed-upon values.


Human Resources Development:

Human Resources Development Fund aims to support the efforts of qualifying the national workforce and employing them in the private sector through providing subsidies for the qualification, training and recruiting of the national workforce. The Fund also affords a proportion of the salary of those who are employed in the private sector facilities after being qualified and trained. The Fund provides loans for facilities of qualifying and training the private national workforce being established in the Kingdom as well as the existing facilities in order to expand their activity or to introduce modern methods thereto.

For more details on the efforts made by the Human Resources Development Fund.

Gender Equality in Employment Right:

Saudi labor systems emphasize that the right to work is a common right for both genders without discrimination and at the same time a woman gets some more benefits that are commensurate with her nature through a package of relative decisions and regulations.At the same time, the principle of gender equality has been achieved in relation to equal pay. The following links contain prominent decrees and regulations issued in this respect:

The Productive Families Program (Working from home):

Productive families’ projects are the typical core of small and medium enterprises. Productive families’ projects are easy to be established because of the lower ratio of fixed assets, independence and flexibility of management with high adaptability, development and the accurate specialty of the products as well as providing job opportunities for women who can run the project from their own homes and accordingly gain an increasable independent financial return. The most important areas appropriate for Productive families’ projects include: (cooking, sewing, artifacts, designs, selling textiles and apparel, accessories.


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